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    New character Creation rules for Big Trouble in Little Oskana


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    New character Creation rules for Big Trouble in Little Oskana Empty New character Creation rules for Big Trouble in Little Oskana

    Post  Victor on Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:25 pm

    • Starting Experience: 0
    • Creature types allowed: Vampires (I am willing to allow more, but someone will have to dedicate time to running a TT version of the game so that people can get used to playing it.)
    • Starting Humanity: 10 (You can drop this to 9 and take your first dot of covenant status for free.) Remember that joining a covenant or accessing a covenant benefit is a morality role.
    • Only merits from the Vampire book may be taken without approval from the ST to use other books. (Even God Machine Chronicles) I am going to try and compile a list of merits from there that are fine without approval.
    • Characters will not begin play with a touchstone, however they will not have to regain a humanity to get their first one. (A character may have one, if they take the touchstone merit) If you do not have a touchstone like all starting characters without the touchstone merit you will suffer a -2 to humanity rolls.

    Your background should include:

    1. A connection to another PC: This does not need to be positive nor does the other character even have to know about it.

    2. A family member that is in the area: A mortal family member must exist in the are though it does not have to be a direct relation it could be a distant cousin.

    3. A connection to some NPC: This can be form the existing ones, or even one that you say is coming to the area and is brand new. Overall it really means that you should have at least one person you can count on, or if nothing else at least another person you can hate!

    4. A strong character concept that will help you determine your first long term goal. Of course it goes without saying that having a strong and singular long term goal is also required here.

    5. There should be a partially constructed scene where you will come into contact with your first touchstone.

    Example background:
    Background for Greggor Neogopolis

    Some sort of text here to help me round out the character a little more: eg.

    Greggor was a smaller kid growing up, but he had a big old heart. More and more he cared for people on the street and making sure that everyone was given a fare chance. It was on his 25th birthday that he drew the wrong attention and ended up the slave of a man in the police force who abused his mind making him do things he just could not stomach. Years he spent doing this losing his original personality only to get it back. Then finally he was embraced and his entire life changed. His sire died in a strange assault that he was never able to explain and never bothered looking into.

    1. A connection to another PC: This man has a real hatred for Lucien. Though he is sure Lucian has never even heard his name Lucien did end up mind raping his old girlfriend. Though he has seen that Lucien cared for the girl, he can not stand people losing their free will as this is what was responsible for him losing the girl in the first place.

    2. A family member that is in the area: Greggor has plenty of family in the city and it pains him greatly that he is not able to see them. His mother and father used to talk to him on the phone quite often trying to plead with him to go back to his own ways and look at his life. Now that he has become a vampire he simply can not have that put on them, for that matter he is not sure if he should even stay here because of the danger that he puts them in. Still the fear of the unknown has a grip on him that can not be broken causing the fear of the unknown vs the love of his family which is currently paralyzing his ability to decide what to do.

    3. A connection to some NPC: It was not long after he became a vampire that he was pulled into the life. Along with the life came the parties and the late nights. Peter was always just there to help him out when he was at his lowest. Though their relationship is nothing special Greggor and Peter have formed at least a basic trust for eachother and have worked together several times to accomplish more than they would have been able to on their own.

    4. A strong character concept: Greggor is at heart a failed social worker. Once his eyes were opened up to the realities of the World of Darkness he was broken. He has lost himself, and no matter how hard he has looked or what stones he has turned over he has never found his purpose in the world. Now he is left with one goal to reach back into his past and see what he can do to help those in his old neighborhood that have fallen through the cracks.

    5. Short scene to meet his Touchstone: Greggor loved the little girl that grew up next door to him, but he has always been afraid to go back and see how she is doing. That is when going about his nightly routine he comes across her overdosing in an ally.

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