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    The Nelapsi, The Gluttons: Updated for New Oskana


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    The Nelapsi, The Gluttons: Updated for New Oskana Empty The Nelapsi, The Gluttons: Updated for New Oskana

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    The Nelapsi Revised

    The Nelapsi originally appear in Bloodlines: The Hidden, and have the following changes for Blood and Smoke and the New Oskana Chronicle:

    Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Nightmare, Vigor

    Bloodline Bane: The Nelapsi are gluttonous much like tales of the hungry restless dead; their hunger consumes more Vitae than other Kindred due to a ravenous Beast. Whenever a Nelapsi feeds, ignore the first Vitae gained from a subject or gained from a hunting roll; reduce starting Vitae for a random dice by one. This is also true of other powers that grant access to Vitae, such as Blood Sorcery or Oaths. The total gained from Herd use is likewise reduced by one.

    Bloodline Gift

    Haunting Presence
    The Nelapsi at heart are vampires of superstition and trickery; drawing attention away from themselves as the monster walking amongst the herd, misdirecting attention to other supernatural strangeness nonetheless caused by them, creating webs of fear and deception with themselves as the calm, eye of the storm at the center.

    By spending 1 or more Vitae they may mark an object or place; anything the size of a small house requires 3 Vitae, A city block 6, a large swath or parkland or a sprawling castle estate, 9. This need not be spent at once, but must over a course of a single night. Thereafter it is tainted with the essence of the Nelapsi’s Beast; disturbing phenomenon such as moving shadows, “witch lights”, cold spots, poltergeist activity and other classic haunting phenomenon will sporadically manifest in the area, much like the strangeness of a failed Discipline roll.

    These will naturally subside after the Nelapsi’s Blood Potency in months should the Nelapsi not reside in the area for that length of time, or otherwise have the object within their established territory.  Any direct evidence left by the manifestations disappears within a night; the Nelapsi may choose what phenomenon manifests to cultivate specific stories or leave it spontaneous.

    Mortals who interact with object (such as extended periods in proximity) or enter the marked area for any appreciable length of time gain the Spooked Condition. Supernatural Individuals with the ability to see past illusions may Lash Out against the Nelapsi to resist the strangeness, though no Condition is inflicted should it be successful while the Nelapsi not present.


    Lasting Impression (Nightmare 2 or Majesty 2)
    2 Experiences (12 xp using older Experience).
    This Devotion must be purchased individually for Nightmare or Majesty.

    Cost: 1 Willpower Point + Discipline’s requirements
    Dice Pool: As per Confidant or Face of the Beast
    Action: As per the Nightmare or Majesty level used.

    Effect: The Nelapsi may increase the effect of Haunting Presence; the are either becomes exceedingly captivating to the first mortal to see the object or set foot within the property and witness the strangeness, feeling as if they were ‘chosen’, or it manifests something entirely terrifying to behold via the supernatural phenomenon out to get them.

    Roll for either Discipline level as normal; treat the successes as a pool to use against the first individual to interact with the marked place or object. Both the Frightened and the Charmed center on the marked region or object rather than the Nelapsi; a Frightened individual will seek to get away from it at all costs and have nothing to do with it until after the fear lapses, a Charmed individual will seek to be in contact, fix up or otherwise treat it well and with respect if not some level of obsession. The individual is still subject to the Spooked Condition.

    The affected individual additionally comes under a partial effect of Dread Presence or Awe while interacting with the marked area or thing; they may not spend Willpower towards aggressive actions, especially those that would harm or otherwise negatively impact the marked things with Nightmare. With Majesty they suffer the penalty to notice their surroundings around them equal to the Majesty rating.  

    This lasts for the normal duration of Haunting Presence; only one individual may be affected per night, generally the first to spend some time interacting, and someone influenced must have their initial Charmed or Frightened Condition from Lasting Impressions resolve before it can impact them again. An object or area may only benefit from one application of Nightmare or Majesty.

    Twin Hearted (Celerity 1, Nightmare 1)
    6 Experience (2 Experiences via Blood and Smoke XP)

    The Nelapsi were believed to be possessed of two hearts and two souls, and thus extraordinarily difficult to destroy. This Devotion plays a good part for this legend; using the unnatural speed of Celerity and a subconscious doubt, hesitation and minor illusion granted by Nightmare, the would-be hunter finds the Nelapsi extraordinarily difficult to properly stake.

    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Action: Reflexive
    Effect: A staking attempt in combat generally requires a Called Shot to the heart at a -3 Penalty and 5 wound levels to be inflicted; the attacker rolls as normal but fails to actually hit the heart properly from an imperceptibly quick movement and deceptive illusion that the vampire is more fearsome than originally thought. It will appear to be lodged properly without some means of piercing the illusionary effect of Nightmare (normally a Clash of Wills). The vampire takes the standard wounds from the attack but does not suffer from being staked and often seems all the more terrifying as a result, laughing off a common bane of most vampires.

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