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    The Sta- Au; the Wicked and Cruel Ones, the Twice Dead; A Bloodline Update for New Oskana.


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    The Sta- Au; the Wicked and Cruel Ones, the Twice Dead; A Bloodline Update for New Oskana. Empty The Sta- Au; the Wicked and Cruel Ones, the Twice Dead; A Bloodline Update for New Oskana.

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    The Sta-Au originally appear in Ancient Bloodlines. They gain the following rule changes and updates for Blood and Smoke for New Oskana:

    Bloodline Disciplines
    Protean, Obfuscate, Resilience; these replace the Clan affinity Disciplines.

    Bloodline Weakness
    Sta-Au have a tenuous tie to their Humanity, being more immersed in death and detached from the affairs of the living world. Any roll for Detachment suffers an additional -1 Penalty above and beyond what they'd normally suffer (to a maximum of -5).

    Bloodline Gift

    Death Sight
    Sta-Au may freely see, smell and hear ghosts and entities associated with death in Twilight; for the purposes of Blood Potency and Predatory Senses they are treated as if blood for detection. This ability may not be turned off; ghosts and death-related entities may attempt to conceal themselves and hide as normal.

    Ghost Walking
    The Sta-Au may dematerialize into a ghost at the cost of 1 Vitae and an Instant Action. This form may be adopted for one night until the Sta-Au is out of Essence and must spend another to keep animated after which it reverts to flesh and enters Torpor as normal instead of slumber. Maintaining the form each night past costs 1 Essence; the Sta-Au must still roll to stay awake during the day.

    -Power, Finesse and Resistance equal to the highest Power, Finesse or Resistance Attribute respectively.

    -Effective Rank equal to half the Sta-Au’s Blood Potency +1 (rounding down); the Sta-Au uses its Skills instead of Rank regarding actions related to the respective area beyond Perception, Reacting to Surprise and similar features. Rank penalizes attempts to forcibly bind it.

    -Essence Pool and available Essence equal to the Sta-Au’s Vitae Pool and current amount. Any Essence spent translates to Vitae spent when material again.

    -Corpus equal to Resistance + Size + Resilience.

    -Willpower, Speed and Humanity equal to the vampire’s.

    -Defense equal to lower of Power or Finesse.

    -The Materialize Manifestation; Costs is 1 Essence and prematurely reverts the Sta-Au to its vampiric form. Instant Action, does not require the Open Condition. They always have the Image Manifestation active at no cost; they're fully visible even while in their Twilight state.

    -The ability to feed on Ghosts and Underworld associated entities using the standard Power + Finesse vs Power + Resistance roll.

    -The Regeneration Numina and Drain Numina +1 Numina with a theme akin to the vampire’s Disciplines for each effective Rank Past 2; Hallucination, Innocuous, Stalwart, Mortal Mask are commonly in theme with Protean, Obfuscate and Resilience; others may manifest in line with Out-of-Bloodline Disciplines as appropriate. Additional Numina may be purchased at 10 experience ach with ST’s approval. The Numina that allows for one Ephemeral Entity to consume another, Spirit Eater is also a possibility as a base Numina.

    -A ghostly Bane; the Bane may be taken from a Repulsion Bane, Bells, Plague of Purity or another damaging Bane of the vampire if already possessed; otherwise is recommended to be taken as one correlating to a vampiric myth. It instead deals 1L per turn of contact rather than the usual 10 - Humanity, and requires a Willpower Point  and Power + Resistance roll penalized by Rank to come into contact with. The Bane is solid to the Ghostly Sta-Au.

    -A ghostly Ban; Symbol, Crossroads, Webs (which become solid to the Sta-Au), Holy Day, Invitation and Grave Soil can be converted if already possessed by the Sta-Au; otherwise a thematic Ban relating to the Sta-Au’s identity or vampiric myths may be taken. Mechanics work as normal.

    -Inability to Rage or Fear Frenzy; a starving Sta-Au in Ghost form is likely to feed upon other ghosts or use the Drain Numina however, and is subject to rolls to avoid Hunger Frenzy normally. They are Hungry Ghosts.

    -Influences dots equal to Rank; these are commonly associated with Land of Worms, Ghosts, Hunger, Cruelty, Death, Decay, Vermin, Darkness, Cold, Location (generally the site where they first died as a vampire).

    -Land of Worms are considered Anchors for the purposes of the Sta-Au; they regain 1 Essence each interval they’d normally lose an Essence or Vitae while within. A Sta-Au loses 1 Essence per hour while Ghost Walking away from Land of Worms.

    -Any Touchstones the vampire possesses are also considered Anchors while Attached.

    If the ghost-form has no Essence and suffers from a full track of Lethal wounds, it reverts to flesh and enters Torpor just as it does with a full track of Lethal Corpus damage. If without Essence and full of Aggravated Damage, the Sta-au is destroyed, with Essence it immediately materializes and enters Torpor.
    Bloodline Bane

    Whisper of War (Protean 1, Resilience 1)

    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Action: Reflexive
    Effect: Enter the state of Twilight for one turn; can speak freely and move but may take no other actions. The character is still visible.

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